How to setup and use the PSG

What is the functionality of the icons in the Topbar?
You can find a description of each of the icons below:

1. The check mark indicates that the required files have been saved in the internet browser’s cache, and that the Product Selection Guide is ready for offline use.

2. The red x indicates that the caching of the required files have failed and the Product Selection Guide cannot be used offline. Try to click the reload icon (see below). If the caching still fails, contact support.

3. The print queue button indicates if there are PDF reports waiting to be generated. The number of PDF reports are indicated by a number on top of the icon.

4. The reload button will reload the session and take you to the beginning of the workflow. All selected data will be lost.

5. The settings button gives you access to your inventory and to the select language function.6. The support button takes you to the support page on Internet access is required.

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