Our newest fitting software COMPASS™ GPS is simple to use and has an intuitive interface. Fit your clients in fewer steps. Get in touch with our skilled trainers.

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At Widex we appreciate that hearing care professionals need the fitting process to be as simple and accurate as possible. Fitting software needs to be easy-to-use but it also needs to be reliable. That’s why we have listened to your feedback to make the COMPASS GPS fitting software intuitive and easy to navigate.

Features in COMPASS GPS

A more personal and automatic solution for users when they need to become acclimatised to new sounds. The feature is synchronised via InterEar.
The unique Audibility Extender can now be applied whenever needed and adapted individually.


The feedback test feature ensures that the hearing aid provides the required gain when placed in the ear of the individual user and that the feedback cancelling system matches their own ear acoustics. We will be happy to tell you more about the advantages of COMPASS.


The Sensogram is the established in-situ fitting tool for Widex hearing aids. It measures the user’s hearing thresholds in either four basic frequency bands, or in an expanded mode in up to 14 frequency bands.  This ensures a more precise individual first fit, meaning that less fine tuning is needed.

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