Now you can be there for your clients – even when you’re not. Widex Real-Life Insights empowers you with data on your client’s personal hearing aid settings. With their consent, you can see every program they create on their smartphone, and when each program was created.

Plus, you’re able to support them remotely with WIDEX REMOTE CARE™. So you can truly be there with them in real life.

Solutions that give you real-life insights – and give your clients the best possible pure and personal sound

WIDEX EVOKE BTE 13 D is a 2-in-1 hearing aid that fits mild to profound hearing loss.

The 2.4 GHz hearing aid is compatible with the EVOKE app and has a long battery life – even when streaming. It comes with more robust microphone technology, a new tactile button design and a size 13 battery, which makes it easier to handle. 

How to use Widex Real-Life Insights?

Get an introduction to Widex Real-Life Insights and how it benefits you and your client.
How to use REAL-LIFE INSIGHTS for counselling
Here, you’ll get an example of how to apply Widex Real-Life Insights in your counselling and strengthen your relationship with your client. 
How to get started with REAL-LIFE INSIGHTS
In this video, you’ll learn how to access Widex Real-Life Insights and work with it in COMPASS GPS. 

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